Needham Advisory Corporation is a full-service investment management and financial counseling firm. We offer personalized solutions for immediate financial questions, trusts and long-term financial planning.

Investment Management Philosophy

Our goal is to provide Consistent, Satisfactory Returns that meet our Clients’ Needs

Our Philosophy:



Our investment philosophy is disciplined. Our objective is to avoid risk and obtain returns that are satisfactory for our clients and consistent with the returns of comparable market investments. Our investment management process starts with an understanding of your reasonable needs and desires. We meet and work directly with you to explore and establish your specific objectives relative to income, capital appreciation and capital risk tolerance. We believe the time spent with you, reviewing your financial needs and expectations will enable us to build an investment strategy that is unique and appropriate for you.

Portfolios range from all equity to all fixed income but most employ some degree of balance utilizing a combination of common stock, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and money market funds. We determine an appropriate mix of assets among these options that will best suit your needs based on our current outlook for the financial markets and our mutual understanding of your objectives. Within each asset category, your portfolio will be diversified to minimize market and individual security risk. Your portfolio is reviewed at least monthly and we communicate frequently to ensure that we initiate timely adjustments if your needs or market conditions change.